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TAOTRS- Book Reviews- All About Bears
Book Reviews
All About Bears
Story By: Ken Forsse
Illustrated By:

David High

Russell Hicks

Rennie Rau

Theresa Mazurek
Voice Actors (For Tapes)
  • Phil Baron (Teddy Ruxpin)
  • Will Ryan (Grubby)
  • Tony Pope (Gimmick)
  • Mary Becker (Polar Bear)
  • Larry Larsen (Polar Bear)
  • Russell Brower (Polar Bear?)
    The Book starts off with Grubby asking the question, "which bear's are bear's and which aren't?"
    The Song "A Koala's nose is soft, A Koala's nose is round. A Koala knows exactly who he'd like him hanging round." starts. (Lyrics aren't printed, but on tape)
    Teddy then explains to Grubby about Panda's, Koalas, Polar Bears & regular bears like himself.
    Two more songs, "Teddy Bear" and "My Best Friend Is An Illiop" also play. (My Best Friend is an Illiop) was also used in the Television Series.
    This was another great book in the series. Make sure to pick it up if you don't have it already. The illustrations were as great as ever, and it had a great storyline. I assume it wasn't made into a cartoon episode because it had nothing to do with the main plot of the series: which was the Chrystals & things of that nature.

    As always, we will leave you with my favorite picture(s) from the book.

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