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CHARACTER INDEX- Ickley Bognostraclum

Ickley Bognostraclum is the MAVO Gatekeeper and Handbook memorizer. He always greets MAVO visitors with handbook in hand, ready to plainly spell out what rules and regulations there are against whatever the visitor is trying to accomplish. In the Monsters And Villans Organization, you would definatly have to classify 'Bognostraclum' as he's formally known, as a Monster. He's ugly, dirty and rude, but far from a villain (such as Quellor) Tweeg and Bognostraclum often clash, especially when Tweeg is in the MAVO Dungeon doing time for various eh..uh... Crimes?

Bognostraclum temporarily loses his job as MAVO Gatekeeper in the MAVO shakeup late in the series, that sees a whirlwind of new supreme opressors, including Tweeg & L.B. But before the Trio sing their final tune, the MAVO shakeup has ended and everything is back to normal.

Bognostraclum has more than a few funny lines in the show, this due to the witty writers. Keep watching the Quotes page for listings of some of the more humorous Bognostraclum quotes.

Bognostraclum is one of the MANY unique characters in the show. This thanks to Ken Forsse and The wonderful writers and actors on the show. Bognostraclum is a very strong minded character, and he has a big ego, until he is confronted. In episode #36, Wooly, (dressed as a Monster) tries to apply for MAVO. (Long Story) When Bognostraclum beats around the bush with several Sets of Forms, Wooly gets angry and storms into the dungeon, (where he is looking to free Grubby and Gimmick from MAVO) when confronted with a stronger minded character or a literally stronger character, Bognostraclum melts into a child-like state, and is very easily intimidated.

In Closing, Things just wouldn't be the same without him. If Tweeg got into MAVO every time he wanted, no questions asked, it would remove some of the many humorous moments of the show. Bognostraclum definatly adds to the overall climate and feeling of the series.

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