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Created By Ken Forsse
The Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin Supersite

Karen The Caterpiller

Grubby and His Girl Grubby and His Girl- From Video Packaging

Karen The Caterpiller, is obviously one of my favorite 1 episode characters. She appeared in only one episode, "Grubby's Romance" but she is a noteworthy character, in my mind, because she was Grubby's love interest :)
Karen started out in the episode as a caterpiller, but ended up turning into a butterfly. This was explained by Teddy and Gimmick, and by the time they got to Grubby to explain, Karen was already out of her cocoon.
Karen and Grubby had quite a romance going before they got "big" again. All Grubby could do was tell Karen how pretty she was, "You've been saying that for the last three days." she replied, Grubby then continued, "I can't help it, it's true."

In the end, Karen ended up pushing the button on the reducing machine that brought Teddy, Gimmick and yes, Grubby, back to their normal sizes, which ended the romance between Grubby and Karen. Grubby then said, "Ah Shucks, Love sure is flighty." a Classic line :)

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