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TAOTRS-Teddy Ruxpin Character Index-L.B. Created By Ken Forsse
L.B. The Bounder
L.B. L.B. L.B. L.B.
L.B. The Bounder is the most diverse character in TAOTR. One episode he can be doing bad deeds for Tweeg, like trashing Gimmick's house or helping him swindle people in Grundo out of their money with "Uncle Arnie's Old Fashioned Medicine that makes everyone turn different colored spots. And on another episode, L.B. Can be helping out Teddy Ruxpin, by letting him escape from M.A.V.O. when L.B. was The supreme opressor *before he later lost his title* L.B. isn't a evil character, and he's not a nice one either, he's somewhere in the middle, maybe leaning a little bit more to the side of evil than good.
He is married to Buffy (Episode #64- L.B.'s Wedding) The Bounder, who is whiney and annoying. He works for Tweeg for no pay. The Sequence where L.B. Starts getting on Tweeg for his money is always hilarious. Bounder's aren't all that bright, a whole group of L.B.'s friends work for Tweeg as well and don't get paid either, In fact, Tweeg often claims their ideas as his own, and gives himself credit for them. Bounder's are red and round, and look like horned beanbags with four legs. They have one small horn that sticks out the top of their head.
My biggest question about the bounder species in general is, what if they started a union!? Tweeg would be in for it then :) How would the bounders hold the picket signs? That raises even more questions! :D
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