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Created By Ken Forsse
Octagonia- All About The Octopede
As Most of you probably know already, the Octopede is my favorite of all the species of Grundo, Ying & Rillonia.
The octopede is a intellegent species, in fact one of the smartest species in the world of Grundo.
The most famous Octopede of course, is Grubby. However he's not the only Octopede in the world of Grundo. He has many relatives living in Rillonia. Inlcuding the captain of a boat.
Octopedes are very large creatures, with 8 feet or "four left feet". They are also large in build, often pretty fat :) Octopedes, especially Grubby, enjoy eating. Everything from Root Stew, (Yum!) to shishkabob. Grubby in particular likes Root Stew, (his father does also, I recall) but noone else who has ever had it does.
Octopedes originally hailed from the land of Octagonia, a small Island off Rillonia's coast. However all the past we know of Grubby & the other octopedes is what they showed us of them living in Rillonia.
Octopedes are quick tempered, but friendly most of the time. Grubby and Newton Gimmick don't always see eye to eye.
Other than Grubby, Octopedes weren't shown every episode. However large amounts of them appeared in the last few episodes, as well as the one where Teddy and his father return home.
Check back soon for more on the Octopede species.
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