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RILLONIA- Octopedes
History & Info Of The Octopede
The Octopede is one of two major creatures who hails fromo Rillonia, the other being the Illiop (get more info about illiops at a common mis-conception on Illiops and Octopedes, is that they came from Grundo, which is not true. Teddy and his friend, The Octopede Grubby came to grundo looking for a treasure in 1985, before this time they had lived their entire lives in Rillonia, a small Island next to Grundo. Octopede's have eight legs (This is why their name is fitting) and are varying shades of yellow, with orange spots. They are not enemies with anyone in Rillonia. The Most famous octopede is Grubby, who is the main Octopede in Teddy Ruxpin. Other Octopede's are mentioned as well, in the last two episodes of The Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin. Octopede's have quite an apetiet, they get hungry often and will eat almost anything. (Grubby once ate a Shush Bush, that made him go mute) Octopedes are very loyal, humble creatures, and have a sense of humor, they are also very honest with people. The biggest question surrounding an Octopede, is weather he/she is a bug. Thats a question you can decide. We leave you know with some pictures of the famous Octopede, Grubby.

To learn more about the Illiop species, go to