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Created By Ken Forsse

Quellor- Supreme Opressor Of MAVO


Quellor is certainly a Unique character. He's the supreme opressor of M.A.V.O. He is in possession of the Black Box which gives him a liscense or order others around. Quellor is not real fond of Tweeg, who has blotched plans to get the Chrystals on several occasions. Tweeg spends much time in the M.A.V.O. dungeon due to Quellor's demands that he be put in there.
Quellor DID lose power for a short span of the series (5 episodes If I remember correctly) to First, TWEEG who was given the box by L.B, and then L.B. who got the box back from Tweeg. L.B. helped out Quellor by getting him out of the Dungeon so he could once again rule M.A.V.O.
Quellor is not a nice guy. Even his voice rumbles with anger and evil. (The wonderful voice acting talents of Les Lye
As a friend told me not long ago, when I compared Inspector Gadget's "Dr.Claw" to Quellor, since the two shows had the same producers, he said, "Dr.Claw is evil because it's profitable, Quellor is because he's just plain evil."
Quellor is behind a Mask, and I don't know if the horns sticking out the side of his head were real or not. Where his mouth was, it looked as if he may have had some sharp teeth (see pictrues above)
Quellor is one of the most important co-stars, because M.A.V.O. would probably fall apart without him, and if that happened, then a lot of teh Adventures, even though they put Teddy, Grubby, Gimmick and others, (including the Chrystals) in danger, it would have deprived us of some great plot.
Quellor was actually one of the last characters ever seen on the series in episode #65, when he promised to get all the Crystals back. We might never know if he ever did.

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