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TAOTRS-Rainbow Falls- FOB Species Profie Created By Ken Forsse
All About The Fobs
Baby Fob, How cute! 2FOBS
Here is some information & useless knowledge about Grundo's favorite pets, the FOBS FOBS are the equivilent of what a talking rabbit would be on Earth. They are colored, thanks to the Rainbow Falls water they drink and play around in so I decided it would be fitting to name this page after Rainbow Falls. They are small and cuddly, but they have a rather *annoying* voice. They come in a wide variety of colors, green and redish colors seem to be the most common. We never really got a lot of *background* information about the fobs. We know they live in Grundo, particularly around Rainbow falls. What I always wondered is if the FOB Species was actually another species that mutated because of the colored water.
Fobs are not particularly known as pets in Grundo. Most of them seem to be living on their own in Rainbow Falls, and unline a Earth pet, they don't need care. Gimmick seems to be the exception, and keeps Fuzz as a pet. Although, The Wooly Whatsit is very good friends with fobs, I don't recall if he kept them as pets or not.
On one particular occasion, the FOBS lost their color after a rock stopped up Rainbow falls. Grubby, Gimmick and Teddy attempted and failed to re-gain their color by rubbing them with strawberries, then Teddy and Grubby talked the Wooly Whatsit into going to the top of Rainbow falls and getting the rock out of the way.
Fobs move from place to place by bouncing. They must have some pretty strong muscles in their feet and ankles to be able to propel themselves in that fashion.
Fuzz, Gimmick's pet fob, Fuzz was once kidnapped by Tweeg and held for ransom, which was Gimmick and his pals to leave the valley or they would never see Fuzz again.
I hope this page told you what you needed to know about the FOBS. They are a very unique species, just like all Grundo species are :)

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