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TAOTRS-Teddy Ruxpin Character Profiles-Teddy Ruxpin
Teddy Ruxpin Character Profiles
Teddy Ruxpin
Teddy Ruxpin is a Illiop, a bear species that is kind, friendly and a true friend. Teddy isn't just what TAOTR was based on, named after and revolved around but he was what made the other characters adventure as well, so without him, none of the adventures would have ever took place, M.A.V.O would probably have the chrystals and Tweeg would be an apprentice member. Teddy wasn't only a cartoon character, but also a talking doll, who I myself enjoyed playing with when I was a small boy and I still enjoy goofing around with today. Teddy Ruxpin appealed to persons of all ages, from Grandfathers watching with their grandchildren to the babysitter who watched while the toddler sat in front of the T.V. in awe. Unlike children's shows like The Telletubbies, Barney, etc. The Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin had a plot that carried on each of 65 episodes. A plot that was never watered down with messages, (See Barney) or had jibberish and giggling as their only storyline (SeeThe Telletubies) The Show may have been meant for the 2-7 range, but it didn't come out that way, and Teddy is the best credit to that. He got the point across to little kids about issues after the cartoon ended in his segment Protect Yourself and he of course slipped them in while the show was running, obvious enough for a little kid to pick up on them, but not loud enough to water down the plot.
Only because Teddy Ruxpin was a bear, and a former talking toy was he viewed as 'babyish' or 'childish' If people really sat down and watched, they wouldn't think this way.
Teddy played *Mike Brady* in a few episodes, fixing problems between his two roomates and pals, Grubby and Gimmick. His remarkable thirst for adventure took him all around Grundo, to Rillonia, Leeky Lake, Ying, The Hard To Find City as well as countless others. Teddy was set to his purpose, never to let M.A.V.O or anyone else evil get their hands on the chrystals, and in the end he almost suceeded, the only Chrystal he ended up losing was the one from Quellor's black box. We never found out what happened to the Chrystals, or any of the characters. The Trio sung their last, rather sad depressing song and rode off into the sunset in the Airship.
Teddy Ruxpin was played by the wonderful voice actor, Phil Baron
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