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Teddy Ruxpin Returns
It's Official! Teddy Ruxpin will be returning in time for this Christmas season, better than ever.
BackPack Toys, a manufacturer of inovative toys, has secured Teddy Ruxpin for a September release. In addition, a pre-buy will be available July 1st at so the first customers and Teddy's loyal fans can be sure they recieve a Teddy this calendar year. Teddy will be better than ever, packaged with three stories and storybooks.
Teddy is also back to his tunic, ditching the red shirt and "jeans" that Teddy last wore.

I am looking forward to such a genuinely good character being available for children again. I have watched Children's entertainment dwindle from the very day Teddy went off the shelves the first time. In addition, I'm excited to renew my own collection and finally have a working Teddy again. Teddy is going to be back and better than ever. Watch this page for more details, and also visit