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Grunges A Beach Grunge

The Jungle Grunges are one type of the Grunge Species in Grundo. They differ in many ways from the other type, dubbed "The Beach Grunges." Jungle Grunges are very focused, serious and sometimes hostile, however they can still be friendly and have a good time.

The Beach Grunges, however, are very melow, down to earth creatures and are never seen very angry.

Another way that the two types of Grunges differ is taste in food. The Jungle Grunges prefer a soup they call "Grunge Gumbo." while the more layed back Beach Grunges prefer belly bombs!

Grunges, even different types such as the Beach & Jungle grunges, do have similarities. Their appearance is very similar, in fact. Yet, Beach Grunges tend to have more rounded noses and more spots, and there is a noticable difference in speech. One could argue that this in fact is a tribute to surroundings, instead of genetics.

One could wonder if these two types of Grunges are actually the same species or two different species, that possibly evolved from one. Due to the distinct differences in their dispositions, my guess would be that they are actually two different species, although this was never explored in the show. The above pictures show mild difference in appearance as well.
The Grunges are all very peaceful individuals, yet the Jungle variety tends to be more quick tempered and less laid back. The explorers have had no real problems with them, wich puts both varieties on the "good" character list.

Our explorers first met the Jungle Grunges in the 3rd episode, "Guests of The Grunges." The trio, along with Prince Arin and Wolly entered the "Jungle with no name." (where the Jungle Grunges reside) and trampeled all over the Grunges' crops, thinking they were weeds. This of course made the Grunges rather hostile, but things were all patched up by the end of the episode.

The Trio first met up with the Beach Grunges in the episode " The Surf Grunges." (#9) Our explorers are on their way to find the Chrystals, which L.B. stole from them (in The "Grubby's Romance" episode) and subsequently gave to Tweeg (big surprise there!) The Beach Grunges end up helping the trio save the last remaining Chrystal after Tweeg appears and tries to steal it.

Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick met up with both sets of Grunges more than once. In both cases, it was later on (middle-nearing end) of the series. The trio helps out the Jungle Grunges with their mysterious vegetable disapearance, and helps out the Beach Grunges by filling in for them in "Grunge Ball."

Grunges are as important to the overall plot of the series as any other species, with the exception of Illiops & Octopedes (& Gimmick). The Grunges created a lot of wonderful stories to be explored.

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