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Welcome to TRIFC, The Teddy Ruxpin Internet Fan Club. The TRIFC is a fan club devoted to Teddy Ruxpin ® and all related Aspects. Members get weekly emails that include fan questions, stories & answers, all the latest Teddy Ruxpin ® News, including info about new products.
In addition to the above, The TRIFC offers monthly chats, a discussion board, and free advertising to sellers and buyers of Teddy Ruxpin products. Stay Tooned For Even More Soon!


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TRIFC Info ---- Post A Message To Next Week's E-Mail Issue----- Advetise Dolls For Sale & Looking For Dolls- FREE-----Links To Teddy Ruxpin Information Sites ----- Info about the now defunct Official Club

The Teddy Ruxpin Internet Fanclub (TRIFC) is an un-official fanclub devoted to all aspects of the Illiop Teddy Ruxpin. The club has no affiliation with AlchemyII, Inc. The creators of Teddy Ruxpin, or any current manufacturers of any Teddy Ruxpin ® products, or any past manufacturers of products. The Club has no affiliation with the offical Teddy Ruxpin Fan Club which ran in 1986. Teddy Ruxpin, all related characters and likenesses are © AlchemyII, Inc.
All Written Material & Graphics are © 1999-2000 Treasure of Knowledge, Websites.