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TAOTRS-Teddy Ruxpin Character Profiles-Tweeg
Teddy Ruxpin Character Profiles
Jack W. Tweeg
Tweeg Tweeg Tweeg Tweeg Tweeg Tweeg Tweeg
Jack W. Tweeg is a villain, a bad one! He can't even steal candy from a baby let alone do anything really bad. One time he gave his mother away to Mudblups, so I guess thats probobly the worst thing he ever did that in the end didn't backfire on him. He has a flunke named L.B The Bounder, L.B's friends are also Tweeg's flunkies. Tweeg is a wanna-be M.A.V.O member, he's a M.A.V.O prisioner more of the time than he is a member however. Tweeg and L.B Spend a total of three different times in the M.A.V.O jail during the 65 episodes. Tweeg briefly becomes the Supreme Opressor, after L.B gives him the feared Black Box, but Tweeg loses his position in the end. At the end of the show, Tweeg starts to turn a new leaf. But he's back to his villanly ways before the trio sings their last song.
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