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TAOTRS- Tedddy Ruxpin Quotes-Tweeg
Teddy Ruxpin Quotes By Character
Jack W. Tweeg
Tweeg is certainly one of the most outspoken characters in TAOTR, here I'm sharing with you some of my favorite quotes from Tweeg.
LB Tells Tweeg how ugly his dress is (he's trying to dress up to hitch a ride on the Airship with Gimmick)
TWEEG:"How dare you make fun of it, my dear sweet old grandmother, sold it to me on her death bed."
The Grunges ask Tweeg if he'd like to play Grunge ball,
TWEEG: "Can I cheat?"
GRunges: "NO!"
TWEEG: "What's the point of playing if you can't cheat?"
"It's that Teddy Dustpan and his Crew!"
Tweeg is sailing:
"You call this a wave do you? I've ridden waves that would make this one look like a ripple in a stream."
Tweeg crashes on the beach where a group of Illiops have collected.
"Eek! Teddy Ruxpin's Everywhere!"
Stay Tuned for more tweeg quotes! As well as quotes from the other characters!
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