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A View From Gimmick's Valley
Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Grubby's Romance and Reminiscing
Mood:  blue
11:12PM, Looking at the Tripod Logo, listening to the Grubby's Romance theme I Mp3'd from my VHS tape with my tricky little gadget here. Reminds me so much of 1998, when I started this and with one keystroke made a lot of my dreams come true.

I'm bringing back the website of course. I have been since about early 2004, when I made it back online after about a 9 month outage with no internet service when I established my own residence. The majority of the work has been done since this past February and it's looking good so far. What you see right now isn't very impressive, just a skillet of reheated hash really, but it will get much better very soon. So, Teddy has been on the brain big-time recently, and it's been so wonderful. With all the adult things to worry about it's sure nice to visit Grundo as much as I've been able to.

Grubby's Romance would have been playing tonight if not for the VCR being uncooperative. As I've grown older that episode only tugs at my heartstrings more. I'm someone who has a real hard time with goodbyes, just like Grubby. Last year, I had a situation in my life so similar to that of Grubby and Karen (Even her first name started with 'K') even right down to the holding hands and gazing at the moon, and right down to the same sort of goodbye. It's great when an episodic cartoon (and Teddy is really so much more than that) can help you solve your problems when you're a kid, but it's twice as good when it can help you out at 21, and leave you feeling so warm afterwards. I'm now on my second VHS volume of Grubby's Romance, as I wore the last one out last summer.

I'm probably starting to ramble here so I'd better let you go. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to go with this but it's going to hopefully be a big forum for everyone's opinions on what's going on with Teddy and a place to share stories.


FROM grubbyoctopede at 11:25 PM MDT
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