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Character Profiles
The Wizard Of Grundo

The Wizard

The Wizard Of Grundo is one of the most important co-stars in the series. Without him, the adventurers may have never found Princess Aruzia, which would have wiped out the plots of episodes # 1-5. In addition, he helped Leotta and Wooly find out what happened to Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick after they were captured by M.A.V.O. This was also very important to the story. Without him, Leotta and Wooly may have never met up with Teddy, something that helped the trio (Leotta, Wooly and Teddy) free Gimmick and Grubby, and get away before M.A.V.O Caught them. The Wizard was also the umpire of the Grungeball game between the "Twipper" and the Grundo All-Stars (Starring a wonderful pitcher named Grubby!) He was also the judge of the Grundo Ground Race, the Water Races and the other "Wizardweek" events. The Wizard was a kewl guy, very mysterious and kinda private. He is one of the many characters who made the show interesting beyond the main plot. Episodes with the Wizard were always fun :)

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