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Elanor Tweeg is the overbearing, rude, cold mother of Jack W. Tweeg, or commonly referred to as just 'Tweeg.' She is a member of MAVO, and is a regular at all the social events. She came dressed as an Illiop at the MAVO Costume Ball, and actually aided Teddy Ruxpin in rescuing the Chrystals, but only accidentally. Elanor was briefly married to the King Of The Mudblups, after her son promised her half the winnings if she could get the Mudblups to play a game of Grunge Ball against the Grunges. They ended up losing, and I assume the marraige was Annuled. She was married to Tweeg's father, Elroy, a beach grunge, briefly as well. Tweeg however, took his Mother's last name.

Elanor is persistent on her son Jack W. Joining MAVO, however he can't seem to check off enough items on the checklist to accomplish this. Elanor cut off his allowance after he failed the first time.

Elanor is one of the many characters that add to the overall climate and depth of the story. Without her, Some of Tweeg's misfortunes would be that much less funny without his mother there to rub it in more.

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