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Newton Gimmick is a middle-aged inventor living in a valley properly named, "Gimmick's Valley." His neighbor Tweeg, who lives across the... uh... spotted ground from him, often shoots cannon-balls his way, Bounders break in his house, and MAVO even staked out his house once, but nevertheless, Gimmick stays in his split-level cozy home.

Gimmick is a close friend of Teddy and Grubby, despite frequent spars with Grubby over sensless little things. Teddy always plays Mike Brady, and comes in and patches everything up.
Gimmick has created a whole closet full of little inventions, as well as bigger more important ones. Without the Airship, Gimmick's feature creation (which he invented with help from Leotta The Woodsprite) the Adventurers would have had a much harder time rescuing Princess Aruzia, The Crystals, and even flying to meet friends far away. Basically, without Gimmick, there would be no airship and therfore little or no adventures. Another important invention of Gimmick's was the portable reducing machine, which allowed the adventurers to shrink themselves in order to get in and out of all sorts of pickles.

Gimmick has a love interest, the doctor at King Nogburt's castle. Although they never seem to spend much time together, when they do, the romance shows. Gimmick has known her for years, and they were apparently dating as younger individuals.
Although Gimmick is sometimes eccentric, and often what an Octopede would call "conceeded." He is good hearted and plays a major role in Teddy's quest.

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