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TAOTRS-Teddy Ruxpin Quotes- Grubby.
Teddy Ruxpin Quotes
Grubby The Octopede
Grubby was certainly one of the wittiest characters in TAOTR. Here, I'm going to share some of my favorite Grubby "quotes" with you.
Gimmick is bragging about a new invention.
Grubby: "That Chrystal forgot to say you were modest."
Wooly is saying he doesn't understand the big words Gimmick is using.
Grubby: "Well that's because your' kinda stupid."
Teddy asks Grubby to make a batch of Root Stew when The gang is about ready to invade The Hard To Find City.
Grubby: "I'm Right On IT Teddy, for awhile there, I was thinking that maybe you didn't like it
Grubby and Gimmick are arguing:
Grubby: "What Do you invent? A Bunch a thingamijigs that don't do anything that's what. Even the Airship was a flop until Leotta showed you how to fix it."
When The Gang is ready to go into the Jungle to talk to the Wizard, the fobs are telling Grubby & the gang how brave and strong they are.
*Grubby Shaking* : "Well, what do we have to be brave and strong about?"
Tweeg is dressed up as an old lady and trying to hitch a ride on the Airship up to the Hard To Find City. Teddy tells her that they are on a secret mission, and she might not want to go.
Grubby: "Yeah, it's top secret and very hush hush. Let me tell ya'll the details."
After Karen flys away in the episode "Grubby's Romance"
Grubby: "Ah Shucks, Love Sure Is Flighty."
Gimmick is trying to explain where the gang is on the airship, and using a bunch of words Grubby doesn't understand.
Grubby: "You mean you don't know." Gimmick: "Eh, Presisely."
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