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Welcome to the updated Image/Screen Capture Gallery! These images were all taken from the series via video capture equipment. There are now over 80 images! This is the best place on the web to find Teddy Ruxpin images. If you'd like to request images of a certain character or episode, Contact me There are 12 images per page, they are thumbnailed, so click on the smaller version to see the larger one. If you have a Teddy Ruxpin webpage and would like to use my images, please use moderation,(Dont borrow ALL Of my images!!) and make sure to credit TAOTRS for originally putting up the picture. Make sure you check out my Copyright Information for copyright info about the images. Enjoy!

LB the BounderLB The BounderTeddy Ruxpin!
TeddyRuxpin!The illiop RuxpinJack W. Tweeg
Tweeg. T W EE G!Jack W. TweegLB The Wretched Bounder
Tweeg.. AgainThe Wooly Whatsit.Old Beanly, Royal Gopher

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