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Ultimate Grubby
The 1st and only site devoted IN FULL To Grubby

"Grubby was the most fun (to draw) something about drawing all those circles was easy!" ---- Jeff Wilson

Welcome to Ultimate Grubby! A site devoted in Full to the big hearted Octopede. This site is slowly adding more and more content. Check back infrequently to see updates, and make sure you check out my other sites, The Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin Supersite and Ruxpin Online Magazine

Look below to see the sections we currently have up on "Ultimate Grubby".

Grubby is © Copyright, AlchemyII. This is not an official Teddy Ruxpin or Grubby page. It was done for fan appreciation and fun only, and strives to stick within the guidelines of 'fair use laws'. All original content, including graphics & writing, is © 1999-2000 Treasure Of Knowledge Websites.

Grubby Character Profile--Quotes From Grubby--